Quality Management for Hospitals, Clinics, and Physician Groups

Top:  Pic of USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65 during her final trip to Turkey.

Bottom:  December 1, 2012 inactivation ceremony for USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65.  The middle pic shows Enterprise a few hundred miles from shore, closing in on Norfolk Naval Base from her final overseas deployment.  Eventually, after defueling and dismantling have been completed, current plan calls for  sinking Enterprise off Puget Sound, Washington state.

Budgeting and Business Planning


The budget preparation process can be made easier by accurate and timely responses from all participants.  For example, if a physician is going to take three weeks time-off in the upcoming budget year, it would be wise for him/her to estimate those three weeks off in as accurate a manner as possible.  A practice with ten physicians with all of them careless in their estimates would result in a less than ideal budget.  If your staff can provide credible estimates, Medical Transition Management will provide an outstanding working budget for your practice.

Protocol Development 


Rare is the hospital, clinic, or physician group with protocols that adequately reflect the work performed by office and clinical staff.  Medical Transition Management will improve your protocols and prepare your office for implementation of proper work standards and time measurement techniques.  If you see growth in your future, you may need us to help you in this important work sooner than you think.

Physician Credentialing

Medical Transition Management will take your information and provide a clean copy back to you.  Additionally, we can transfer your information to the Council for Affordable Healthcare (www.caqh.org) if you want us to list your data with them.  In either case you will have in hand a clean original from which to make copies for submission to your carriers.

General and Technical Management Support Services