MTME Medical Transition Management Engineering Strong Med helps hospitals, clinics, and physician groups (including independent physicians) to better utilize their financial, human, and physical resources by providing them with general and technical management services.  We work closely with management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.  Our services include physician credentialing, budgeting and business planning, hospital and medical office protocol development, medical records data transformations, financial systems data transformations, and work-flow improvements by design and implementation of ergonomic work stations in clinic and office. 

We will bridge your data from legacy applications and external data sources to your current business system.  Additionally, among other things, this service allows you to clean up address fields, define external data lookups, do string and numerical manipulations, change data types, add, delete, rearrange, and pad or truncate data fields.

Forms are neglected by many hospitals and most physician groups.  Most forms used by physicians usually rate no higher than 4 or 5 on a 10-scale.  Not every medical office form need be a 9 or 10, but most should be at least an 8.

Please take a look at our website to see why managers and physicians alike say that MTME Medical Transition Management Engineering Strong Med provides "more than meets the eye" and is "music to my ears"!  Through our commitment, experience, and expertise in general and technical management support services in Raleigh NC and Merrifield VA, we have built long-lasting relationships by helping our clients build hugely successful businesses.

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